Laughter: The Recipe That Always Works For Women In Corporates

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Laughter Yoga

Laughter: The Recipe That Always Works For Women In Corporates

My journey of Laughter Yoga takes me to many different places. It takes unexpected turns and throws surprised which makes me wonder how the magic works. Today let me share with you how Laughter Yoga can transform the lives of women at work. As multi-faceted beings, women are at the core of the world – through the offices that they impact, homes that they nourish, and by being the best human beings they can. Not only does Laughter Yoga help enhance their productivity, but I have seen the benefits go deeper and create a personal change in the family and even a pronounced cultural change.

Laughter Yoga lightens up women, helping them perform better and enjoy work to the hilt

Every day brings a new challenge to women at work. They keep their homes behind and bring maximum performance to the table. So it is critical that they feel light, happy, and optimistic about work. Laughter Yoga ensures that at all levels. 

It also helps them achieve better work and life balance, enabling them to enhance life with their husbands, children, in-laws, and parents. It also gives them ways and means to stay stronger from within to ward off illnesses. In fact, it won’t be wrong to say that “a few minutes of laughter every day helps women to stay worry-free for the day”. What’s more, in playing multiple roles, women may not have time for themselves. Laughter Yoga helps park some time aside to freshen up their mind and clear the everyday clutter. 

Women create happier, stress-free homes with laughter

I remember this female participant at a Laughter Yoga session that I conducted at Lafarge. Like many others, she was having a great time. But the depth of it dawned on me when she later shared with me how she was a mother and was using Laughter Yoga to help her young son cope with exam stress. 

In today’s competitive times, she was making it lighter for her child to manage examination pressure by doing some simple Laughter Yoga exercises with him every day. She had picked up some basic exercises at my sessions and doing them with her son back home was making it easier for them to beat the stress. What an amazing alternative to an overdose of gadgets – just #GiftALaughter and watch the wonder. When a woman who is at the heart of every family, decides to spread laughter, there is no stopping.

Laughter helps women break through the shackles of culture

Remember grandma and her strict rules about how a lady should laugh? No laughing loud. Thus at one session at a company, I noticed how this one girl would always out her hand over a mouth and giggle while suppressing her laughter. While I did not approach her openly, my eyes were on her. Slowly, as the session progressed, I noticed something magical. The girl has stopped covering her mouth and was laughing loud and clear. It was an open and beautiful laugh on a happy face. Laughter Yoga had helped her shed inhibitions and break cultural barriers. She was not afraid to show her real personality anymore.

Once again, Laughter Yoga had gone beyond its own limitations and showed its untapped potential. It has inspired me to spread Laughter Yoga to offices and companies, and the amazing people it has.

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