Switch Words

Switch Words

Switch words are One Word Affirmations.

James T. Mangan (1896-1970) was the first person who did a lot of research on Switch words and understood the concept of Switch words and its working. He also discovered that how a person can use his/her subconscious mind to fight with their fears and live their wishes. James T. Mangan, after his long years of research, discovered that few words can switch your energy system. With this change of energy system your aura, situations and surroundings can also be changed. These particular changes are very helpful in changing your whole life.

Archana Rao is Switch words Practitioner and has used them in helping people out of their distress through various techniques of this modality. An avid reader and Practitioner in the subject, her affirmations have worked well with her clients. She has been practicing Switch words usage ever since her initial sessions of Laughter yoga and REIKI practice. Her meditation and sound bowl therapies use a lot of affirmations and that has led to greater success and acceptance for change within people. The Effects are far too many and these have become a part of her life. These simple techniques have benefited several clients at the same time this has been useful with individuals suffering from disease and has worked miracles in healing patients.

Switch words are the WORDS which can quickly switch your energy from one dimension to the other dimension. It means that words have the power to change your energy. All words can become Switch words. All words have some power to become Switch words. So it is very simple to understand that those words which have the power to switch your energy are called Switch words for you.

Switch word phrases are the phrases made out of combinations of few effective Switch words without using and following any grammatical rules. Switch word phrases have energies of combination Switch words to attain desired results. Many Switch words can be clubbed together to create a Switch word phrase in order to acquire the power of many Switch words into one phrase for quick results.

We have conscious and subconscious mind. It is subconscious mind which directs us to take more than 90% of our decisions and actions. We have control over our conscious mind but have little or no control over our subconscious mind . If somehow, we can put positivist in our subconscious and remove negativity and negative belief patterns which are deep seated because of which we do not succeed in certain fields; then we can certainly make positive changes in our lives.

Switch words are the answers to these because these power words can communicate directly to our subconscious thereby clearing negative belief patterns and thus helping to create positivist to success. These power words activate our abilities and thus we start manifesting success through subconscious in our relationships, business, career, finances, health, home life, getting protection and other issues in our life. “Switch words are one word Affirmation”.

When we cannot earn much the reason for that is that deep down we think that we are not capable of it or if we are not getting success in our business, deep down we think that we are not worth it. Switch words have that power to create that change as they connect directly to your subconscious mind and have the power to activate switches in the subconscious. For example – COUNT in the switch word to bring in money because wherever money is involved it involves counting so subconscious mind has recognized it over a certain period of time that money involves counting. So when subconscious mind hears COUNT it starts looking for ways to find money so that it can count.

Similarly FIND is to amass a fortune; Switch word ELATE is to turn a setback to your advantage.

There may be personal switch words also like for someone “LAKSHMI” may work as a Switch word to subconscious mind to bring in Money.

Conscious mind which is analytical should not be used for reasoning for Switch words because reasoning and analysis create obstacles for Switch Words to work so totally surrender to your God before taking any Switch word.