Laughter Yoga

Laughter Yoga


Is it possible to Laugh for No Reason? Contrary to popular belief, Laughter Yoga has proved that one does not need a sense of humor, to laugh. Laughter can be learnt and programmed into the body, to bring about a complete transformation. Research has proved that just 10-20 minutes of fake or real laughter has a profound benefit on the human body. Laughter Yoga is a unique concept of Unconditional Laughter, according to this, anyone can Laugh for No Reason. It does not rely on jokes, humor or comedy. It initiates laughter as a form of an exercise in a group, and as the Laughter Sessions progress; Laughter becomes real and contagious.The name, Laughter Yoga, is derived from combining Yogic breathing (Pranayaama) with Laughter Exercises. This effective blend results in multiple health benefits, primarily increasing the supply of oxygen and boosting the immune system.

Oxygenates our Body and Brain

Laughter Yoga is combination of deep breathing exercises from yoga and laughter exercises, which oxygenates our body and brain, makes us feel more healthy and energetic.Yoga emphasizes that the secret of good health lies in longer exhalation. Exhalation should be longer than inhalation thereby ridding some of the residual air from the lungs and allowing more fresh air and oxygen for the next breathing cycle. Laughter yoga exercises becomes the easiest and the best possible way to regularize breathing, and enhance the supply of oxygen.


History Of Laughter Yoga. In March 1995, Dr. Madan Kataria was writing an article ‘Laughter – The Best Medicine’ for a health journal. In his research, he discovered many modern scientific studies, that described in depth, the many proven benefits of Laughter on the Human mind and body. In particular, Dr. Kataria was impressed by Norman Cousins’ book Anatomy of an Illness and the research work by Dr. Lee Berk . Profoundly inspired and being a man of action, Dr. Kataria immediately decided to field-test the impact of laughter on himself and others.Starting with just a handful of (5) persons, at 7 am on March 13, 1995, at a public park in his neighborhood in Mumbai, India; and managed to persuade four people to support him in launching a ‘Laughter Club’. They laughed together in the park that day to the amusement of bystanders; and the small group quickly grew to more than 50 participants, within a few days. In the initial meetings, they stood in a circle with one person in the center, to tell a joke or a funny story. Everybody enjoyed and felt good for the rest of the day.After two weeks, the Laughter Club hit a snag. The stock of good jokes and stories ran out, and negative, hurtful and naughty jokes started to emerge. Two offended participants complained that it would be better to discontinue the Club than to continue with such jokes. Dr. Kataria asked the Club members to give him just one day to develop a ‘breakthrough’ that would resolve the crisis.

That night,Dr. Kataria reviewed his research and finally found the answer he was looking for: Our body cannot differentiate between pretend and genuine laughter. Both produced the same ‘ Happy Chemistry ’ . The next morning he explained this to the group, and asked them to try to act out laughter with him, for one minute. Amid skepticism they agreed to try…. The results were amazing. For some, the pretend laughter quickly turned into real laughter – this was contagious and in no time others followed. Soon the group was laughing like never before. The hearty laughter that followed persisted for almost ten minutes. This breakthrough was the birth of Laughter Yoga.


What Exactly Happens At Laughter Yoga Sessions With Archana Rao ?
Laughter Yoga Sessions are led by Archana Rao Laughter Leader, who controls the Laughter Session. She explains and gives commands to start and complete different Laughter Exercises. She guides the members to start and complete Laughter Exercises together for improved group dynamic.During most Laughter Yoga Exercises, group members keep moving, and establish eye contact with others in the group. Most Laughter Yoga Sessions focus on enjoyment, rather than force, when doing Laughter Exercises. The Laughter Yoga Session strives to connect with the group members and cultivate childlike playfulness during Laughter Yoga Exercises.

A typical Laughter Yoga sessions have four steps


Step 1

Clapping and Warming-Up Exercises

Step 2

Deep Breathing Exercises

Step 3

Childlike Playfulness

Step 4

Laughter Exercises


After Laughter Yoga Sessions, energy levels can be too high to return directly to normal. To reduce these levels Archana Rao leads the group through Guided Relaxation, which is also called Yoga Nidra. This guided body tour brings immense Relaxation by bringing complete awareness to different parts of the body. During this time the mind is completely relaxed and saying positive affirmations encourages the group to be positive in life.