How The Certified Laughter Yoga Training Course Will Benefit Your Audience

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How The Certified Laughter Yoga Training Course Will Benefit Your Audience

We live in a digital age where gadgets do all the work on our behalf, from online banking to doorstep groceries and even delivering virtual greetings. Thankfully, machines are not yet capable of the genuine care and emotional support only humans can lend. And hence there’s a global trend on the rise for trainers, caregivers and life coaches across the fields from fitness & healing, learning & development to stress management. 

The ever-evolving demands and trends in the field, coupled with low attention spans of the varied audiences pose the need to constantly update the trainers. As a certified Laughter Yoga practitioner and trainer myself, I keep highlighting how #trainers can reinvent their offering to stay unique and relevant to their audiences. 

During my last Laughter Yoga #Training #Workshop, I had the privilege of interacting with trainers from different backgrounds facing unique challenges. Here’s how my workshop helped them address their concerns with Laughter Yoga:

Laughter is a natural stress buster to realign focus of the audience
A bored audience is the biggest challenge faced by most #corporate trainers. The 8 odd long hours of training cramped in just one day can make even the most interesting content sound uninspiring. A dose of #LaughterYoga can help infuse freshness in between sessions and gain active participation from the audience. 

It serves as a refreshing break during the physically draining, training sessions

Laughter is a natural relaxant. One of the #Fitness trainers and a participant at my Training Course shared how he successfully used #LaughterYoga to keep his clientele from going back to their mobile phones during breaks. Laughing can also be a great warm up or a wind up activity for #Dance & #Yoga.

It re energizes healers and caregivers and can boost alternative therapies

Ever wondered where do healers get the energy? My heart goes out especially to the Palliative caregivers for their kind, selfless and relentless service to patients. Practicing #LaughterYoga can help them restore enthusiasm to cope with the challenging environment. In fact, alternative therapists can introduce it to enhance the goodness of therapies like Music, Ayurveda, and Acupressure.

Laughter promotes bonding beyond the barriers of hierarchy
True leaders inspire teamwork. My #LaughterYoga sessions have helped Corporate trainers not just break monotony during seminars and training programs but have also cracked the invisible wall between bosses and subordinates. Laughing together relieves the pressure of perceptions in the formal, serious work environment and enhances team spirit and productivity. My experience of coaching the trainers to further inspire their audience with Laughter Yoga as a refreshing tool has been extremely gratifying. And I invite trainers to diversify their offerings by enrolling for my upcoming Certified Laughter Yoga Training Course.

Be a fully certified laughter facilitator at home.


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