Laughter Yoga for Corporates

Do you have Stress?

Most people do. Especially in the business world. There are so many pressures and responsibilities. It can lead to stress, depression, burn-out and even serious illness. What can alleviate this workplace stress? Laughter, of course. Scientific research has demonstrated that laughter can help to resolve workplace stress and many related issues. It’s a moral boost! People engage with each other and forget what separates them… it’s like magic! People remember their great qualities and see them in others too!” When individuals feel healthier, they are more efficient and effective, when they feel happier their contribution increases and more is done with ease inspiring others to improved attitudes. Overall the environment shifts to one that is positive, productive and purposeful. It is being practiced in companies and corporations, Fitness centers, Yoga studios, Centers for seniors, Schools, Colleges, Universities in more than 72 countries.


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