Why I Am Spreading Laughter In Society And Why You Too Should #GiftALaughter

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Laughter Yoga

Why I Am Spreading Laughter In Society And Why You Too Should #GiftALaughter

Laughter Yoga: My way to make a real difference to the community  

Today, Laughter Yoga has made its presence felt in the corporate world. It makes people lighter, easier, and happier at work – leading to greater productivity for organizations. Yet, laughter has the power to touch more than just corporates.

Laughter Yoga can impact the social fabric for the better

Through Laughter Yoga, I aim to make a difference to those lives that may not see a reason to celebrate. I wish to give them a window to forget their anguish and feel happy. Many are walking a difficult path; I just want to make their journey a little lighter.

I am on a mission to bring laughter by actively working for social causes

Being an active member of the Rotary Club helps me keep in touch with the social pulse. Also, thanks to the corporate world, I can reach out to such people through their CSR initiatives:  

  • Children with special needs: Every child is special – but those with special needs demand more attention. Laughter Yoga gives them the strength to live with confidence.
  • Orphanages: I feel Laughter Yoga can help children look at the bright side of life from a very young age, and find the strength from within.
  • Government organizations: I use laughter to motivate Government employees and give them a much-needed break from their mundane routine.
  • Old age homes: For those who may be ignored by their loved ones in the silver years of life, Laughter Yoga makes them happy and fills them with hope.
  • People affected by cancer: With a touch of Laughter Yoga, I try to ease the pain of cancer patients and their families who are fighting a daily battle.

There are another special community I work with – gravediggers

While working with various kinds of people, I came across a unique set of individuals in Tamil Nadu – grave diggers. Every single day, they encountered death and grief and lived inside crematoriums. By digging graves, they offered solace to the deceased, but almost nothing was done to touch their own lives. Over 60-grade diggers gathered for a Laughter Yoga session that I conducted for them in an external environment. I was impressed by the way they were dressed up. Post the session I was inspired by the sparkle in their eyes. It was a truly enriching experience for me.

These, and many such experiences, are cherished in my heart forever. 

I want to use this opportunity to urge you to do your bit and #GiftALaughter to any of these special sections of society

As a Laughter Yoga practitioner, I am determined to touch the lives of these special sections of society by giving them the gift of laughter. Yet, I cannot do this without you. 

Come, join my mission to touch society by laughter and contact me to #GiftALaughter. Every time you #GiftALaughter, I will go to that special section of society and take Laughter Yoga sessions for them. Trust me, it is a gift that will reward you back abundantly in return.

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