Laughter Yoga Is The Best Medicine

Laughter Is The Best Medicine (3)
Laughter Yoga

Laughter Yoga Is The Best Medicine

We all remember Boman Irani’s character of Dr. Asthana in the movie “Munnabhai MBBS” who laughs whenever he is angry or stressed. Especially, the scenes with confrontations between Dr. Asthana and Munnabhai, resulting in unpleasant situations for Dr. Asthana, followed by his laughter, were some of the funniest moments in the film.

Some might say that it’s just a film and may find it silly to fake a laugh. That said, we have heard “Laughter is the best medicine”. Laughter has the power to alter your mood. We all experience stress, difficulties, and challenges in our life. The ability to ‘laugh at the drop of the hat’ can be extremely helpful in dealing with these unpleasant or stress situations.

You might say, “But Archana, I am not someone who has a great sense of humor or am not very funny. Also, it might not always be possible to read a joke or see a comedy film. So, how can I laugh for no reason?”

I hear what you are saying. Let me ask you one thing. Have you noticed children? They have this innate ability to laugh. They are always in a playful mood and often, you will see them laugh unconditionally now and then. We all have that child hidden in us that wants to laugh. But we have suppressed it thinking about society and our inhibitions of being ridiculed for laughing unconditionally.

Have a look at this video. It is a simple scene that most of us must have experienced some time or the other in our childhood or with our children when we have taken them to a salon.



This video without any visual or audio display of any joke or comedy makes us instantaneously laugh or at least did ‘tickle our funny bone’ to smile and feel good about the entire process. Imagine what bliss the child is undergoing to have a good heartful laugh.

At Laughter Yoga India, we try to bring out this childlike playfulness and laughter, without the aid of any tools or jokes or comedy sequences.

Laughter also is a form of exercise for your lungs. Breathing is the prime essence of our being alive and of Yoga. Hence, it is imperative that we consistently are aware of our breath in all our routine activities, while we work or play or watch tv or even when we laugh.

So, laughter yoga is laughing aloud while being mindful of the breath and regulating it so as to train the mind to relax and oxygenate the cells to de-stress them.

Research suggests that just 10-20 minutes of fake or real laughter has a profound benefit on the human body, mind and psyche. It all starts with faking laughter and the same is contagious enough to turn it into real laughter and make us feel good, happy and at ease.

I am sure by now you have realized that the most important benefit of Laughter Yoga is that it helps in relieving stress and is the best medicine for stress.

De-stressing is all about bringing in more oxygen to the cells so that they become more oxygenated and get healthy and relaxed. We combine Yogic Breathing (Pranayam) with Laughter exercises to create a joyful experience for you. With multiple immediate and visible benefits, Laughter Yoga:

  • Helps you relax and relieve physical tension.
  • Helps you burn calories. Now before, you give up exercising, let me tell you that it’s not a replacement for exercise. That said, one study found that 10 to 15 minutes of laughter everyday can burn approximately 40 calories.
  • Triggers the release of a feel-good chemical known as ‘Endorphin’ in our body which puts us in a good mood naturally.
  • In process of Laughter Yoga also doing deep breathing exercises enhances the supply of oxygen to our brain which helps us feel healthier and more energetic and relieves of pain and stress.

There are multiple other advantages. If you still are not sure, here’s what I suggest. Next time when you are stressed or confused or angry, go stand in front of the mirror. Start laughing. Even if it feels a bit fake or forced. Remember Boman Irani from the movie.

Then, while laughing try to be angry, or even better. Once you have finished laughing observe yourself. You will feel more relaxed. It might help you clear your head and focus on resolving the problem that caused you to be in that earlier state. Don’t forget to breathe while you laugh and practice this beautiful technique of laughter yoga.

Still need help to learn this beautiful and miraculous technique.

Contact via email on or call us on +91- 9449067717 to enroll for our laughter yoga sessions.

We, at Laughter Yoga India, will ensure that you remain more relaxed and upbeat through the regular practice of Laughter Yoga.

Kyunki har ek laughter zaroori hota hai….😉  Ho Ho Ho Ha Ha Ha…. 😂 😄 😂 😜 😁

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