Elderlies Lol: 5 Reasons Why I Believe Seniors Need #LaughterYoga

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Elderlies Lol: 5 Reasons Why I Believe Seniors Need #LaughterYoga

Old age is infamous not only for the physical challenges it gets along, but also those of mental health. Add to that the distress of being abandoned by families to live on their own in a senior citizen’s home. 

In a recent Laughter Yoga session at an old age home, I had a palpable and moving experience which changed me as a Laughter Yoga therapist. To break the ice, we started with the good old game of ‘Antakshari’. It was a huge hit – seniors who had never sung in their lives started humming. After that, the #LaughterYoga session with them was a breeze. They opened up so much, that when we were leaving, a gentleman crooned to ‘Abhi na jaao chhodkar…’ When I promised to be back in 20 days, he responded with a ‘Jo waada kiya woh nibhana padega…”  My idea of singing coupled with the benefits of laughter had brought these seniors closer and uncovered hidden talents.

My humbling experience with these silver-haired wonders has inspired me to share 5 strong reasons why I think elderlies deserve a go at #LaughterYoga. 

  1. They gather unimaginable emotional strength: Lack of togetherness compounds the anxiety, stress, and depression of these abandoned souls. #LaughterYoga is a great way to address this #1 sickness in elderlies.  They facilitate social interaction, leading to emotional security, and promoting better mental health.
  2. They are rejuvenated physically: Lack of activity at this age means stiff limbs and endless aches and pains. #LaughterYoga involves simple exercises coupled with deep diaphragmatic breathing and fun activities. It’s easy, safe, and economical and provides needful physical exercise.
  3. They don’t need to comprehend the world to laugh: In old age, diseases like Alzheimer’s and Senile Dementia can set in. The ability to comprehend humor declines due to degenerating brain cells. #LaughterYoga is ideal as it makes seniors laugh unreasonably and without fear of judgment.
  4. Laughter provides a happy occupation: After retirement, seniors can feel useless and are unable to pass time, adding to the frustration. #LaughterYoga group sessions can help reduce stress, generate a positive attitude, and boost self-esteem. It’s a go-to stress reliever at any time.
  5. It provides deep bonding that lasts long: In one of my sessions with the elderlies, the group bonded so well that when a lady lost her husband, the groupies looked after her day and night. While her children flew down from the US only for the rituals and left in a couple of days, her friends stayed by her.

I go a step further to involve caretakers of seniors in my #LaughterYoga sessions. I strongly feel that their contribution goes unnoticed despite the stress they handle in such institutions. I especially love it when they bond and build real relationships. These insights have made seniors a major area of emphasis in my work.

I invite you to bring joy to elderlies at home or in your neighborhood. Contact me to #GiftALaughter to a Senior Citizen home.

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